Thursday, February 24, 2011

Forget the Security Woes with the New Spy Cams

A hidden camera generally used for surveillance and security purposes is called a spy cam. These cameras are most commonly used by detectives to keep an eye on the suspect and collect evidence against him. Such cameras can be installed in a number of household objects that lessens the chances of their identification and also heighten the chances of getting the right footage.

One such camera is the nanny camera. It is used mostly by parents to keep an eye on their children and nanny so that the kids are protected against any kind of abuse. Moreover, one may also protect his property and valuables against theft. These cameras have proved to be very helpful in cases where a child abuser had to be charged because they provided evidence against the convict.

Spy cams are of great use to private detectives. Not only this, they are also used by government intelligence sources to collect evidence. Moreover, the media has also contributed a great deal in popularizing spy cameras. Many shows based on such cameras have been aired all across the world, which has made the general public more aware of the usage of such devices.

A spy camera can be either wired or wireless. This purely depends on the function and usage of the camera. In case the camera is being used for surveillance purposes, it can be a wired camera, which transmits the digital data to a VCR or DVR through a cable. On the other hand, the wireless camera has an in built transmitter that passes on the signals to the recorder kept at some other place. This not only increases the convenience for the user but also reduces the chances of discovery.

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