Friday, June 14, 2013

Here is what all you need to know about a Spy pen

Spy pen
There are many people who are curious to know, what goes on behind their back. Being suspicious about things is a pretty common tendency in human beings. For instance, a boss might want to know, what do his employees talk about him behind his back. A Spy pen can be a handy tool for satisfying people, who have a suspicious attitude. A Spy pen surreptitiously records every event happening around it. The gadget looks like a pen on its outside. But the interior portion of the gadget is facilitated with a tiny camera. This camera has a powerful lens.

Little more technicalities about a spy camera:-

The mini camera is facilitated with wires, that ensure its smooth functioning. The recordings of the camera have crystal clear images. A pen camera is also facilitated with a user friendly USB port. This port makes it possible to link the gadget to devices like computers, laptops, televisions and many more. This way the videos captured by the camera can be viewed on a large screen. The picture quality of the recordings is highly superior (high definition). It is much better than an ordinary camera. The sound quality of the recorded videos is also remarkable.

A spy shop is pretty helpful

Every spy shop provides a user manual to its customers, in order to enhance user friendliness of the offering. The shop owner may even guide one properly, on how to use a spy tool. It is advisable to a customer to consult the shop owner and clarify all queries related to the product.

Owing to these innumerable benefits, spy gadgets are gaining mass scale acceptance among customers all over the world. The prices quoted by the spy gadget sellers for their utilities are highly budget friendly. Anyone willing to buy a spy gadget, can log on to the web and get in touch with a reliable spy gadget seller.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spy cam is a patron of art

hidden cam
Many people like to capture everything they see around them. The reasons could be many. One of them is beauty. Museums for instance, have antique art forms like paintings, sculptures, interesting objects etc. Now it is obvious, that one will get spellbound by those charming entities. One may get so fascinated by those objects, that he or she will probably like to film them. However, the security officials of such institutions, may not allow photography of those artistic elements. So, does it mean, that the art lovers have to remain abstained from beauty? Never. With the help of a hidden cam, a passionate art aficionado can capture almost anything, that he witnesses around him.

A hidden cam is a spy gadget, with the help of which one can secretly record every event happening around him. It is also called a miniature camera, that is facilitated with a powerful lens. A mini camera is small in size and can fit easily one's outfit. It's hidden, but it keeps doing its job surreptitiously. A miniature camera can be in the form of a pen. Such a pen has a tiny spy cam hidden in its interior. The tiny camera is facilitated with wiring. A typical spy gadget can record data up to 10 GB. Also the gadget is facilitated with a USB port. With the help of this port the gadget can be linked to devices such as laptops, PCs and TV sets.

So with a spy cam an art buff can gratify his urges to capture all the marvels of nature. Once captured, they will remains with him forever. So these miniature cameras are truly keeping alive the passion for art.

Owing to these innumerable benefits, these mini cameras are becoming immensely popular among art buffs all over the world. So can they now be called patrons of art?

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Friday, May 31, 2013

All you need to know about mini camera

Spy pen
One must have seen movies, that feature smart and tactical protagonists, who carry spy cameras in their outfits. Well, such a camera is their most trustworthy investigation tool, that aids them in resolving thousands of criminal cases. That was in the reel life. On today's date the concept has been made alive in the real world also. There are several manufacturers of spy gadgets, who make tiny cameras, that have high recording capacity. A typical mini camera is one, that can surreptitiously record every event taking place around it. Through a mini camera one can record everything secretly, without letting the others know, that they are being filmed.

Such miniature cameras have memory space, that ranges from 5 GB to 10 GB. These tiny cameras are facilitated with superior quality lenses, that can capture an event clearly, even if it takes place at a considerable distance. The videos recorded by these gadgets exhibit superior picture quality (high definition). Apart from these, spy gadgets are also enabled to capture the sound of the event recorded. A good quality miniature camera is one that exhibits crystal clear sound.

A Spy pen is another form of tiny camera. Its exterior is shaped like a pen. The interior part of such a device contains a tiny camera. The camera is well facilitated with wiring, so that it can function smoothly and record aptly. The shape of a Spy pen is deliberately kept small, so that it does not raise any suspicion in the minds of the people who getting recorded by it.

Owing to these innumerable benefits, these spy gadgets and devices are gaining mass scale acceptance among consumers across diverse segments. These gadgets are marked at highly pocket friendly rates. Anyone willing to buy such a device, can log on to the web and be familiar with the innumerable reliable spy gadget sellers available in the market.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All about mini camera

Advancement in technology has significantly revived the world of digital cameras. When one talks of innovations in products like cameras, one thing that definitely comes to his mind is mini camera. Mini camera also called a spy gadget, is a miniature camera fitted in a structure that resembles a pen in terms of shape and style. The exterior of this device looks like a pen, whereas the interior has a tiny camera, which is wired appropriately for its functioning. Such cameras can record every event happening around them surreptitiously, without letting the surrounding persons know, that they are being filmed.

Talking about technicalities, a spy cam has recording memory up to a capacity of 10 GB. Generally the storage capacity of a typical hidden miniature camera ranges from 5 to 10 GB. A good quality spy cam is always facilitated with a USB port on its side. This port is absolutely user friendly and has many utilities. Spy cameras with such USB ports can be attached to gadgets such as computer systems, laptops and even televisions. Such a utility allows the user to view all the recorded content on a large screen.

Spy cameras exhibit pictures recorded by them in high definition, which is of much higher quality than an ordinary video. Apart from this spy gadgets also record sound of the events occurring around it. The audio produced by these cameras is crystal clear.

Owing to these innumerable benefits, spy cameras are becoming increasingly popular among consumers across diverse segments in the market. Due to the intuitive element of the product, it has become a great fascination to the youth community.

Anyone willing to buy a good quality spy gadget or a hidden camera, can log on to the web and be familiar with the innumerable reliable sellers of spy cameras, available in the market.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Présentation de notre boutique d'équipement d'espionnage

C'est un fait le monde devient de plus en plus effrayant, nous ressentons constamment le besoin d'être et de mettre notre famille en  sécurité. De ce fait,  la surveillance  est devenue plus présente,  elle rassure et  aide  à se sentir plus en sureté.

Dans certains cas, elle arrive  à  dissuader les cambrioleurs  ou autres personnes qui peuvent s'avérer dangereuses. Notre boutique d' equipment espionnage, vous fera profiter de produits  de qualité à des prix avantageux .

Depuis 5 ans, notre boutique espionnage apporte des solutions  adaptées à vos situations et  à votre nécessité en matière de sécurité. Ainsi vous avez la possibilité de vous procurer tous les outils nécessaires pour la surveillance que cela soit en  Caméra cachée, matériels de surveillances vidéo/audio ou de traceurs GPS. L'expérience que nous avons obtenue dans ce domaine est mis à votre disposition afin de vous permettre de  faire les meilleurs choix en terme de sécurité.

Nous vous proposons une large gamme de matériels  de surveillance avec différents types de caméras  qu'elles soient : pour votre voiture, pour le sport, pour la chasse, sans fil, avec wifi.. Vous avez aussi un grand choix de Caméra cachée sous différentes  formes  et plus discrètes les unes que les autres:  stylo, lunette, horloge,  montre, accessoires vêtements...Mais offrant une qualité d'enregistrement vidéo/audio de très bonne qualité.

Par-dessus le marché, notre  boutique espionnage  vous  propose en matière d’espionnage et de contre espionnage  des micro espions, des changeurs de voix, des dispositifs d'écoute et autres traceurs GPS.

Le matériel d'espionnage est  facile à installer et ne demande pas de connaissances techniques particulières.

Pour être plus proche de nos clients, nos experts se chargent d’analyser vos besoins, de vous  donner des conseils  et de vous offrir  un service de qualité adapté à votre situation. Ils seront  à votre écoute et pourrons ainsi s'assurer de votre entière satisfaction.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Guide pour l'achat d'une caméra miniature

Qui n'a  pas un jour, rêver d'être dans la peau du célèbre agent secret 007 ? Avec tous ces gadgets, ses instruments de hautes technologies et son équipement d'espionnage ?

Aujourd'hui, il est de plus en plus facile de se mettre dans la peau de ce fameux personnage qu'est James bond, en effet la camera miniature n'est plus un outil réservé au cinéma, mais bel et bien à la portée de tous. Que cela soit dans le cadre de la simple surveillance ou carrément du grand espionnage.

Simple a utilisé, elle ne requière  aucune installation particulière ni de connaissances techniques spécifiques, cela vous fait déjà  économiser la main d'œuvre professionnelle de l'installation.  La camera espion peut être mise en place partout dans la construction, elle s'intègre à quasiment tous les objets de la vie courante : stylo, montre, briquet ou encore porte clefs. La caméra miniature est très discrète et  ne sera vu par personne.

Réelle alternative et moins chère qu'un équipement de vidéo surveillance, la camera miniature  vous assurera une très bonne qualité d'image (jusqu'à la haute définition selon les modèles) et de son.

Notre magasin en ligne propose un très large choix de camera espion en tous genres, de la plus simple à la plus évoluée vous offrant un rapport qualité/prix indéniable et très avantageux sur des produits de haute gamme, alors n'hésitez surtout pas à nous contacter et ainsi vous pourrez aussi  bénéficier d'un support gratuit.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spy pen your disguised secret agent

With the advancement in the field of technology, cameras are also getting a real subjection to high quality technical features. Superior lenses, high definition images, high capacity are fine and regular and do not carry the potential to form a lurid news. However in recent times there has been an introduction of a completely mind obliterating feature called the Pen camera .Pen camera is a miniature camera which is fitted inside a structure which resembles a pen in its aesthetics and look. Pen camera is a hidden camera masked in the features of a pen.

Pen Camera
The camera is in the interior portion of the device is wired well and highly facilitated with superior camera technology. This arrangement allows it to record everything happening around it secretly. The structure of the gadget is such that it is hard to figure out that it is actually a camera and not a pen. This gadget is dual purposed. This is because one can even use it for writing purposes.

Manufacturers of Spy pen avoid making over sized pieces, since a heavy structure may raise suspicion in the mind of its viewer, thus aiding him to be sure that it is camera. Spy pen can be used by surveillance teams of a country to resolve criminal cases. A crime investigation team carrying a such a device can secretly record all the malice happening around them without allowing the culprits know that they are being recorded.

Highly advanced pen cameras are enabled to record data up to a capacity of 8 to 9 GB and even more. Such cameras exhibit high quality images of the recorded data with a crystal clear audio system. Owing to these innumerable benefits offered by these technology centric devices, they are gaining huge acceptance from people all over the world.

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