Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mini camera – A multipurpose device

The use of spy cameras for house hold surveillance has largely increased in the past few years. These cameras are used for keeping eye on anyone without the knowledge of that person. The use of these cameras in the house as nanny camera has become quite common. The nanny cams are so small in size that they can be easily hid in objects like sofas, clock radios, plants and teddy bears.

The evolution of technology has largely reduced the size, along with the price of these cameras. As they are very small in size, they are often referred to as mini camera. Mini cameras are of two types – Wired and Wireless. The wired camera is connected to a recording device like computer, while a wireless camera transmits signal that is received by a receiver present nearby. Since it is used for different purposes, it is called by different names like nanny cam and Lipstick and miniturized cam.

Nanny camera has become very popular as these cameras are used for keeping eye on the caretaker. By using nanny cams, people can record the care session of their child. Moreover, these cams can also be connected to certain websites, which one can view on the iPhone or mobile while at work. Thus they can observe the activity of their child and also keep a watch on how they are being treated by the nanny.

Mini cams are also used for other purposes like workforce detection and as security cameras. These cams are widely used for detecting any suspicious activity in a crowded place. Hidden cams, these days find its use in reality TV shows, as well, to catch the participants in an unusual position.

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