Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pen Camera – The best spying device

A hidden cam basically refers to a spying gadget which is named so owing to the fact that it is hidden from the subject being filmed. As spying cameras are very small in size, they are also referred to as mini camera, and can be easily hidden in common household objects.

Spying gadgets are used for a number of purposes which include household surveillance, investigative journalism and security audits, to name a few. A hidden cam is called a nanny camera when it is used for household surveillance. It is so called because it is used to keep eye on the caretaker of the child. Monitoring the activities of the caretaker gives peace of mind to the parents as they can be sure if their children are being properly treated by the nanny or not.

Depending on the use one can either get a wired or wireless hidden camera, both of which are easily available these days. While a wired camera is attached to a recording device, wireless hidden cams transmits video signals to a receiver located somewhere close by.

Spying gadgets these days come embedded in many things of daily use like clocks, shirts, pen etc. All these ordinary looking things of daily use are difficult to be suspected for a spying device. A pen camera, for example, looks like an ordinary pen and can be carried to any place without anyone noticing it. It is just like any other pen, however, a small camera with long lasting battery and high memory capacity is embedded in it. One can easily do many hours of recording without needing to offload the contents. As there is very little chance of pen cameras to be suspected, they have become very popular and are used in a large number of fields. 

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The wide applications of hidden cam

The evolution of spy gadgets has led to the invention of a large number of mini cameras which are widely used for spying purpose. These cams being hidden from the person being filmed has earned it the name hidden camera or hidden cam.This camera has got a few names and is often called as mini cameras, spy cameras or nanny cameras.

The hidden cams are used for a large number of purposes which include household surveillance, security audits, closely watching participants in reality TV shows and many more. Owing to its extremely small size, these cams can easily be disguised and hidden in common household objects without anyone noticing it. Thus, it can be very helpful in monitoring the activities of the caretaker of the child, which has given it the name, nanny cam. A hidden cam is also used by security agencies for keeping eye on public places to look for suspicious activities of any person.

Spying cams are hidden in many other ordinary looking objects of daily use. A spy pen or pen camera

Some other spying gadgets that have become very popular these days include hidden clock camera, watch camera and button camera, to name a few.

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