Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to make good use of a hidden camera

Pen Hidden Camera
Use of a hidden camera is considered as ethical by some and unethical by others.
This device that can be purchased from a reputed spy shop, is put in a highly secure place to record possible suspicious activities. If it is installed by miscreants with an aim of invading privacy, then the use of this gadget is definitely unethical.

For a detective to explore different forms of evidence, it is helpful if a hidden camera can be used. This gadget can be installed in ATMs to prevent thefts from occurring. In any retail store, installation of a camera miniature can be helpful to track shoplifting and to trace various missing items. 

Popular reality shows on entertainment channels make tremendous use of the camera miniature. As the name suggests, this is so tiny that it would not be spotted by most persons. The behavior of different persons within challenging conditions is recorded, and is enjoyed by the audience. Participants are informed  about the presence of cameras all around.   

Different spy cameras have different capacities of recording videos and pictures. A bluetooth video-capturing device can record videos for up to 12 hours. The battery in this device has a record time of 2 hours, and for each 2 GB, a recording time of 3 hours can be used. Depending on the length of audio and video footage, appropriate microSD cards can be purchased with the device.

Data theft is a problem that has been noticed in several I.T. companies, due to the huge databases of endless information. One way of ensuring that data is not stolen is to conduct security checks to prevent employees from carrying hard disks or pen drives to office. To zero in on a particular suspect, one can check for footage recorded on a camera miniature. 

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