Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spy pen your disguised secret agent

With the advancement in the field of technology, cameras are also getting a real subjection to high quality technical features. Superior lenses, high definition images, high capacity are fine and regular and do not carry the potential to form a lurid news. However in recent times there has been an introduction of a completely mind obliterating feature called the Pen camera .Pen camera is a miniature camera which is fitted inside a structure which resembles a pen in its aesthetics and look. Pen camera is a hidden camera masked in the features of a pen.

Pen Camera
The camera is in the interior portion of the device is wired well and highly facilitated with superior camera technology. This arrangement allows it to record everything happening around it secretly. The structure of the gadget is such that it is hard to figure out that it is actually a camera and not a pen. This gadget is dual purposed. This is because one can even use it for writing purposes.

Manufacturers of Spy pen avoid making over sized pieces, since a heavy structure may raise suspicion in the mind of its viewer, thus aiding him to be sure that it is camera. Spy pen can be used by surveillance teams of a country to resolve criminal cases. A crime investigation team carrying a such a device can secretly record all the malice happening around them without allowing the culprits know that they are being recorded.

Highly advanced pen cameras are enabled to record data up to a capacity of 8 to 9 GB and even more. Such cameras exhibit high quality images of the recorded data with a crystal clear audio system. Owing to these innumerable benefits offered by these technology centric devices, they are gaining huge acceptance from people all over the world.

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