Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spy on others with a good pen camera!

A pen camera is one of the most popular spy gadgets available in the market today. It helps in spying, by capturing photos and recording videos in an efficient manner, without raising any suspicion. The pen hole-camera in such a pen is installed in its tip. The battery life of such a camera normally lasts for 4-5 hours, which can be prolonged with proper recharging.

Spy cameras that were previously installed in public spaces for security and surveillance are today used widely, in private sectors, as well as in households. They add to the security of a place and help in getting hold of wrong-doers.

A spy cam comes in various shapes and sizes. They can be easily installed in household products like clocks, toys and similar products. Spy cameras like pen camera clock camera, hook camera, pen-drive camera, lighter camera and the like form a part of everyday-use products, which enable them to record without raising any suspicion. Most of them are AVI-installed, which helps in recording both audio/visual data, simultaneously. The recordings can be tracked in an efficient manner, as they can be filtered using the time and date of recording.

In addition to black and white visuals, colour images and videos can also be captured using a spy camera. At times, the recordings prove to be crucial evidences of a crime, using which the law breakers can be brought to the lime-light.

Spy cameras work their best when they are placed static, albeit they perform well while on the go too. It is advised that safety gadgets should be bought only from certified manufactures. This would ensure quality and efficient results, in a cost-effective manner.

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