Monday, March 18, 2013

Pen camera – an ideal gadget to spy !

Spy gadgets have helped in increasing the scope of security and surveillance to a large extent. They assist in recording and capturing footages, which prove to be useful in bringing the law-breakers into the limelight. Due to its vulnerability, public and commercial areas like railway stations, bus stands, markets, malls, theatres and airport, are kept under surveillance with the help of spy cameras. Spy gadgets are becoming popular among the youth too, as it helps them in spying on their rivals and knowing their hidden intentions. Pen camera, which is easy to carry around, without others' noticing it, is one of the most preferred kind of spy gadgets.

Different types of spy gadgets are available in the market today, with spy pens being the most demanded. A spy pen comprises a pinhole-camera at the top of the pen-case. While pinned to the front-pocket of the shirt worn, the camera can be switched on to capture videos and photos. A branded pen camera comes installed with AVI and enables capturing of audio and video, simultaneously.

Spy cameras come in minute sizes as most of them are designed for mobile use. They can be easily installed in household products like clocks, toys and other equipment that are commonly used, without raising any suspicion. They have various functions. While they help in security and surveillance in public spaces, they can also be used to keep a watch on the nannies at home. Both colour and white-and-black images can be captured with the help of spy cameras. The battery life of a good camera lasts for about 5 to 6 hours after recharging.

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