Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Record Videos and Photos in an Obscure Manner

Pen Camera
Spy gadgets are gaining popularity in the market and are finding wider applications. A hidden cam helps one to record videos and photos of people, without their notice or knowledge. Earlier, the same was used mainly for security and surveillance. However, today, almost every individual owns a spy gadget, either for spying on their friends, nannies or as a mark of fashion.

A pen camera is one of the most demanded type of spy gadget. It is easily to carry and can be used without attracting the attention of others. The pen in which the camera is fixed on the pinhole can be kept on the front pocket of shirts and can be used to record videos as well as photos, in a very discreet manner. Both white & black and color images and videos can be captured with the help of a branded pen camera.

Most of the spy gadgets that are offered by reputed companies are installed with AVI that enables both audio and video to be recorded and played simultaneously. They work best when placed static at a place, however, most of the spy cam are designed for mobile use. The battery life of a good camera lasts up to 5-6 hours from the time of recharging.

Some of the hidden cameras work better when they are placed somewhere, static, to record. However, most of the spy cameras are designed for mobile use. After recharging, the battery life may last up-to a maximum of 5 hours, depending on the quality of the product. Hidden cameras are widely used in security and surveillance. They are installed in places that are  vulnerable, like banks, ATMs, air ports, casinos, malls and business centers. They help in catching law breakers and assist in bringing them to the limelight. With the varied uses of spy gadgets, they are finding wide applications in almost all fields.

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