Thursday, June 28, 2012

The importance of mini camera

A hidden cam has become widely popular as it is used for keeping an eye on any person without the knowledge of the subject being filmed. These hidden cameras are also referred to as spy cam as these cams are often used for spying purpose. The size of these cameras is extremely small and is widely used for household surveillance and other similar activities. Owing to the minute size of these spy cameras, it is very easy to hide them in any objects like plants, sofas, clock radios or any other similar things that are present in the house.

The technological advancement has led to decreasing of size of the camera while the cost has also not risen. The mini camera is available in both the wired and wireless types. The wired camera is connected to a recording device like computer while a wireless cam transmits signal which is received by a receiver. Both these types are in great demand and are used as per the need either as a surveillance camera or as a spy camera. Since it has different applications, it is called by different names like Nanny cam and Lipstick and miniturized cams. A nanny cam is basically used to watch the caretaker of the children in the house while Lipstick and miniturized cam is used for spying purpose.

Mini camera finds use in large number of activities and places. Workforce detection, keeping an eye on caretakers and disloyal partners are some of the use of these minute cameras. The security agencies use these cameras for surveillance purpose and thus these cams help in providing security to the people.

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