Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shopping the Bond Way -The new age spy shops

Curiosity has always taken the best of human beings. Thus enter Spy shops, which are here to satisfy one's craving for more and more information. Secret information collection is no big deal with a massive wave of spy gadgets up for grabs in the market these days. Devices such as Bug detectors, Pen Cameras, Motion tracker Alarm clocks, night vision goggles are just a few examples of this stockpile.

Spy shops are mostly an online venture to make available all the spy stuff with micro cameras and hearing devices, more commonly known as bugs; shoved into insignificant things of daily usage. These products are not only fun and frolic but immensely valuable. For instance, buttons which are of no use other than for buttoning up shirts have become the latest devices of doom; conflicting maximum damage as a part of sting operations and such. Not only buttons, Spy shops come up with the queerest of gadgets inserting cameras in everything from rocks to clocks.

Another great invention in this field has been of the Spy Pen. They are normal looking pens with micro cameras hidden inside thus altering there main purpose from writing to spying. These pens are a rage in the market for they can both  see and hear! Thus, justifying their alternate simple nature and the underlying Peeping purpose. Spy Pens come with good battery backups and data space depending on their price range. Most have easy handling and can be painlessly connected to the computer for record viewing.

James Bond is not a mystery anymore with Spy gadgets in the hands of the layman, all thanks to Spy Shops. 

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