Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beware of who is watching with a pen camera

Spy Cam
Spy legend James Bond has popularised the use of the pen camera over the years. It can be easily kept in the pocket as an unsuspecting object and be used to capture pictures or video footage. In fact, this camera, similar to the one used by agent 007, can be activated with a single click. This device also comes with an audio capture system and a mini storage drive.

A pen camera is commonly used by investigative journalists of today. Such news writers have to often go undercover, in order to find details about crime or corruption. Apart from Bond films, these have also been observed in films of different languages across the world. The looks of this pen is an important consideration. It should not arouse any unnecessary attention and look like an ordinary pen.

The spy cam is also used in reality shows telecast on different entertainment channels. Such channels tell the participants about the installation of hidden cameras, but they do not come to know when the footage is captured. This often leads to interesting situations for audience viewing pleasure. In addition, such devices, fitted in Bluetooth or USB devices, can also be used to monitor the activities of nannies at homes.

There are many companies in the market that sell such hidden cameras. Care must be taken to purchase these from reputed vendors. If verification is done about the usage of these cameras, it would be ideal in prevention of crimes across cities.

Built-in memory capacity of a spy cam is also important for recording purposes. The amount of footage that can be captures would depend on the available and extendable memory storage. By installing memory sticks, storage capacity of cams can be increased.

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