Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear Cops use Spy Pen to solve criminal cases

Spy Pen
Hollywood vibes are affecting real lives also. Well, after all its the reel life which highly inspires the real life. The reference here is to the great Hollywood character Bond who happened to carry a Spy Pen which acted nothing less than a secret agent of the hero, surreptitiously recording every sly act going around him. Thus it used to act as a tool for the Bond to solve criminal cases. The same fashion has been used as a concept by many surveillance gadget manufacturers to build Spy Pen which act the same. These gadgets look like innocent pens on the outside but on the inside are fully equipped with electronic settings to support a miniature camera.

This camera is facilitated with adequate wiring which aid it to record events around it. A good Pen camera can capture both audio and video for the occurrence taking place. They gadgets are designed such so that its aesthetics completely can deceive a person thus averting any possible suspicion in his or her mind about them. A
Pen camera can be used by cops and other vigilance teams of a nation in order to solve many criminal cases. Thus they serve as highly reliable investigation tools for security officials of a country. Such miniature cameras can also act as a potential source of evidence in the court of law thus exposing the culprits involved in any malicious act.

A typical miniature camera fitted in a pen can record data up to 7 to 9 GB. The camera is facilitated with a drive that helps users to connect it to their PCs or laptops. That way they can view every data or image on a large screen with utmost clarity. These cameras exhibit videos with crystal clear images and superior sound quality. Owing to these benefits these cameras are gaining huge acceptance from people all over the world.

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