Monday, April 1, 2013

Catch their hidden intentions with a good spy cam !

A spy cam helps in recording events, in a discrete manner, without raising the suspicion of those being captured through it. While spy gadgets were previously used for ensuring security and surveillance in public areas that were vulnerable to attacks, today, they are used by almost every individual, to spy on their friends and foes.

With the increase in reports of improper conduct of nannies appointed at households, the demand for a good nanny camera has increased manifold. Owing to its minute size, this camera can be installed in common household products like alarm clocks, toys and other products that are not easily noticed. When placed static at a place, it can record videos in an efficient manner.

Spy gadgets come in different types, shapes and sizes. Some of the most common spy cam available in the market today are pen camera, spy tie, USB spy camera, clock camera water bottle camera and lighter camera. A pen camera is widely used today, as its easy to carry around and does not leave any scope of suspicion. It can be used as a pen as well as a spy gadget. The pinhole camera is installed in the tip of the pen, and is difficult to be noticed. This adds to the efficiency of recording.

Spy cameras usually come installed with AVI, which help in the simultaneous recording of audio and video. Colour as well as white and black videos can be recorded with the help of branded spy cameras. The battery of a good spy camera lasts for about 5-6 hours on continuous usage and the same can be extended upon electronic charging.

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