Friday, May 20, 2011

Hidden Cam in Various Forms

Hidden and spy cameras, which were earlier used by defence establishment and intelligence agencies are now within the reach of common people. These cameras are used by people across the globe for different purposes. While some use hidden cam to spy on spouse, others may use it for gathering evidence. Spy cameras are available in the form of stuff toys, wall clocks, pen stand and table clocks. The most popular category of a hidden camera is the analog clock as no one can predict that his or her activities are being recorded in the clock. The tiny camera hidden inside the clock cannot be detected due to the compact size. There are various types of hidden cameras, which utilize SD memory cards. The recordings of the memory card can be retrieved by connecting it to the computer or laptop.

Presently, both wireless and wired hidden camera are available in the market and have different usage. Wired hidden cam has a cord, which remains connected with the PC, where the activities can be recorded. A wireless hidden camera is costly as compared to a wired one due to the inbuilt features. These cameras operate with the help of battery and are free from the hassles of attaching cables and wires. Further, the receivers of these cameras must be connected with TV or VCR to view the recordings.

Nanny camera is a popular form of a hidden cam, which is used in homes. Usually working parents fear that the maids do not take proper care of children in their absence. Hence, they can use these cameras to monitor the activities of their servant. Even though the usage of spy camera varies, but these should not be used for any illegal purpose.

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