Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hidden Cam: The Silent Witness

A hidden camera can be used for a variety of purposes and depends upon the motive of the user. While some use these cameras to collect evidences, which are beneficial to the nations, other may execute various types of mischievous plans. Hidden cam can be in the form of any regular objects such as clocks or pen stands. As spy cameras look like every day object, one cannot detect these easily. Some hidden cameras can be worn or carried conveniently from one place to another. These cameras are available in the form of pens, cell phones, jewelery, caps and watches. With the development in field of technology, the quality of these cameras has also been enhanced. One can now expect excellent video and audio quality. Recording of clear video is also possible from a far distance, which is a highlighting attribute of a hidden camera.

Earlier, hidden cam was used by armed forces and intelligent professionals but nowadays, these devices are within the reach of common man. Many online spy stores have now come up with sophisticated yet cost effective spy cameras. These cameras are available at a much lower price as compared to those offered few years back. By maintaining their profit margins, online spy stores are able to meet the requirements of common people. Further, these companies also provide assistance to the customers by phone and e-mail, so that they can conveniently use the hidden cam. Shopping from an online company is always beneficial as customers can get wide number of choices from large gamut of products.

Journalists engaged in any kind of sting operation use hidden camera as it cannot be detected easily. Further, the entire conversation can be recorded in the camera, which can later be telecast. These cameras are available in both wired and wireless form, which can be purchased as per requirements. Wired cameras can be mounted at any place after matching the angle. The wire attached to the cameras can be connected to the computer, where the videos are recorded.

However, a wireless hidden cam is much sophisticated compared to its wired counterpart. Mobility is the greatest benefit of this camera as there is no need to connect any wire. Further, these cameras can be attached at any place and clear recordings can be attained. It is possible to get clear videos even in places where there is low light. Due to these excellent features, wireless spy cameras are increasingly preferred by detectives and security professionals.

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