Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spy Camera– Types and Uses

Replacing conventional analogue technology, digitization has led to the evolution of compact and discreet cameras which offer various digital display possibilities. These modern day surveillance devices are popularly known as spy cameras or mini cameras. Nowadays, users can buy various portable spy devices that can effectively record clear videos or capture images at night.

With development in technology, spy cameras are becoming increasingly popular. Several studies reveal that a spy camera is useful in assuring complete protection in a cost effective manner. Individuals find mini camera to be a useful gadget for covert operations as they are easy to install and not readily detectable. These portable cameras enable users to monitor activities consistently up to 9 hours.

A night vision mini camera is fitted with IR LEDs which ensure efficient video recording in dim light at a line of sight of up to 90 feet. Users rate spy camera very highly owing to ease of usage as well as optimum video and audio quality. The IC-100A spy camera is one of the most popular spy devices available in the market today. It can store up to 680 EIA images or 510 CCIR images. This closed circuit television camera is a popular motion sensing spy device that finds extensive application in shops, hospitals, malls and other crowded places.

Another widely used spy cam is the pen camera, which is small in size, but offers optimum output. These types of mini camera act as a silent witness to thefts and burglaries at homes, offices and commercial areas. All these devices assure automated functionality, due to which these are capable of recording video by themselves. Such technically advanced devices can be availed from several online spy stores at cost-effective prices.


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