Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spy Camera for Safer Homes and Offices

In recent times, various high-tech surveillance devices, which serve the security purposes in numerous commercial and residential areas, have been invented. Success of these devices in the market is the result of their compact designs. The compact size of these cameras makes them easy to carry without being detected. A widely used surveillance device is the spy camera, which is available in small size of 2-3/4" x 1-1/4" x ½. Easy to conceal, it is fitted with 1,250 mAh battery pack, which enables the user to monitor the activities up to 12 hours. Clients can avail this cam with optional lithium polymer rechargeable battery packs and balanced charger, which support device operations for 12 hours.

On the other hand, a mini camera, which operates on a 9V battery, is offered with battery clips. These battery clips enable this cam to record for longer duration. Replacing traditional surveillance systems, these cameras assure optimum safety with its advanced video coverage features. Keeping a watch over inside activities, a mini camera additionally monitors the activities outside various residences, offices and apartments, where these are mounted.

Spy camera not just deter criminal activities to take place, but also helps in capturing these activities and providing beneficial evidences. These devices are disguised in the form of pen, alarm clock, pen stand and wall clocks. Numerous journalists, detectives and secret agents make use of the hidden cameras during sting operations to expose various influential people of the society, who indulge in corrupt activities and malpractices.

Offering super low-light solutions, both the mini camera and the spy camera is fitted with portable digital video recorder with a super bright LED high bay lights. This advanced technology offers energy saving benefits in an economical manner. Moreover, these spy devices are compatible with USB connectivity, which makes transferring of the audio visual data a convenient process. Available in different memory capacities, users can avail these optimally functional cams in diverse specifications as per their needs and preferences.

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